In 2000, Prabhat and Viswanathan Nair joined hands to provide their services under a single banner, Panchendriya. They combine 30 years of therapeutic experience in providing relief from complicated illnesses.


Viswanathan Nair performs complex Ayurvedic treatments while Prabhat's expertise lies in Thai Yoga massage and Chavutti Thirummal. 

Viswanathan Nair and Prabhat work on the healing aspects and form the core duo of Panchendriya. Their associates Gita Radhakrishna and Suresh Gurukkal train enthusiasts in the art forms of Mohiniattam and Kalarippayatt.

Viswanathan Nair

hails from Kerala, South India. He is a qualified 'Panchakarma' therapist. 

He is the director of Ayurgruham Ayurvedic Hospital, Kothamangalam, Kerala, South India. It is a 30 bedded hospital which has the coveted ‘Olive leaf’ certification from Government of Kerala for its authentic status.

Suresh Gurukkal

 is a famous exponent and teacher of Kalarippayatt (north-Kerala style).
He conducts intensive courses in this art form in Kerala, South India.

Geeta Radhakrishna 

is an award winning exponent of Mohiniattam. Her daughter Radhika has also shaped into a fine Mohiniattam dancer. Together, they are promoting this traditional art and its finer aspects. They live in Mumbai, India.